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Conference and trainings

Conferences and training are among the most vital elements of a company’s image. Good preparation of these is essential to the success of the entire company. Sometimes, little things can ruin the effort of several weeks’ preparation. To avoid this, QSTeam offers complete services and professional preparation of all types of conferences, training, presentations, lectures and other business meetings.

We provide comprehensive organisation of meetings, including:
    • preparation of detailed plans/agendas
    • selection of appropriate coaches/lecturers
    • finding the most suitable location in the country or abroad
    • finding hotel accommodation tailored to Client’s needs and expectations
    • provision of a conference room and adequate audio/visual equipment
    • catering
    • propositions for activities and accompanying programmes, theme events et
    • provision of proper services – conference reception, hostesses, transport
    • preparation of invitations, thank-you notes, diplomas, gifts etc
    • organization of photo/film crews
    • professional help in the case of emergencies

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Integration events in the country and abroad


Integration events help to build relationships between employees or business partners. Time spent together outside the work environment will definitely enrich relationships in the group, improve integration and help to cement working relationships, trust and even friendship. Integration events include both team building activities, workshops, theme evenings as well as cabaret performances. By using professionally prepared integration trips, you can make the best investment in your business, appreciating and motivating your employees and partners.

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Outdoor events, company and family picnics

More and more companies are taking care of the well-being of their employees and their spouses and children. We have many ideas that will let you spend time together with your whole family. Our entertainers will take care of the youngest, while the adults fully indulge in the pleasure of participating in a picnic and competitions prepared specially for them.

We provide:
    • unique event ideas
    • original scripts
    • suitably selected locations
    • catering
    • artistic programmes
    • all kinds of recreational equipment
    • games, contests, competitions, workshops
    • stages, lighting, sound systems
    • security and medical care
    • power generators, tents, toilets, benches and tables
    • IDs, participants’ insurance

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Fairs and Exhibitions

We provide comprehensive organization and content-related services for fairs, in particular:

    • double checking details with fair organisers
    • design and assembly of exhibition stands (standard designs and custom-made exhibitor’s orders)
    • mediation in making hotel reservations, employment of hostesses, interpreters as well as advertising in newspapers, radio and television

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Promotional and sample campaigns

Direct contact with Clients, potential business partners and target groups is an important form of brand communication. We retain the services of qualified hostesses and promoters who will be your brand ambassadors during the event, and understanding its needs and functions can communicate using the language of your target audience. Regardless of whether the promotion is oriented to increasing sales or attracting new Clients, at the end of the campaign we will evaluate its effectiveness using appropriate tools. With this comprehensive approach to your campaign, we can give you a competitive advantage over other market participants.

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Original gifts, souvenirs, gift baskets

Advertising gifts are great as an addition to a promotion, as prize in a contest or as gifts for regular Clients. Our team continuously strives to find new gifts and souvenirs that meet our Clients’ expectations. We follow the news and are always be up to date with current trends. We also take care of item branding.

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