Our work is our passion

Who we are

QSTeam is a team of professionals in the field of business tourism, marketing, management, PR and hospitality. We have reliable partners that we have worked with over the years, and very good contacts in external companies, with subcontractors and experts. All this guarantees the execution of our services without problems, as well as saving time and money for our clients.

Our Agency was founded as the Quopot Solver Team (QSTeam). Our motto was and still is ‘We can solve any quopot’ – we’re the ones that solve any problems with business events and create memorable experiences as a result. However, our clients and business partners soon began calling us the ‘QSTeamkami’, which is why we decided to shorten our company name to QSTeam.


*quopot [kwopot] – a problem which only we can handle. Like the Gordian Knot which Alexander of Macedon legendarily dealt with, there are certain problems only QSTeam can cope with.

Why QSTeam

QSTeam is not only about experience. We take on every task that you entrust us with professionalism, passion and commitment. We make sure that our solutions are seen not as non-standard implementations, but as unique events. Therefore, we are confident that they will satisfy the most demanding Clients. take a look at some of our references.

Our biggest ADVANTAGES:
    • professional, talented team
    • many years of experience
    • original solutions
    • extensive database and business contacts
    • individual approach to each Client and event
    • continuous improvement and tracking of the latest trends in the MICE industry
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